Son Buys Mom An Incredible Gift, And The Story Behind It Will Move You To Tears

On Mother’s Day, blogger Michael Luangrath gave his mother an amazing gift: a $175,000 house. But it’s the story behind this gift that makes it so incredibly meaningful, it brought tears to our eyes.

Michael calls his mother, Dao Vahn, his hero. The 52-year-old immigrant from Laos has endured many great hardships yet never wavered in her love for her family.

Dao Vahn immigrated to the US in 1980 and eventually settled in Las Vegas. To support her family, she opened an Asian grocery store and has since been working long days, seven days a week, never getting a day off.

“For 30 years, I never got a vacation,” she admitted in a fake interview that Michael set up as part of his surprise.

But aside from a vacation, what Dao Vahn really wanted to save up for was a house. This was because she had lost her home years ago.

In 2002, the loving mother found out she had cervical cancer. This deeply affected the family, especially Michael, the youngest son, who had to quit school and his job to help his mother. Valiantly, Dao Vahn fought her illness and soon beat it. Michael then returned to pursuing his studies.

But the medical bills had racked up, and Las Vegas was badly hit by the economic recession. Dao Vahn was forced to declare bankruptcy and give up their home.

She hid all this from Michael while he was in college. When the son came home for Christmas, he was shocked as his mother drove him to a small, unfamiliar house and said, “This is home now.”

Michael could not accept where his mother had been living. It was a small house with barely enough space for a bedroom, and there wasn’t enough storage for clothes and other items.

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