Son Fulfills His Longtime Wish Of Buying Dad A Brand-New Car

Parents give their children so much when they are growing up that it would be nearly impossible to ever try and repay them. My parents insist that calling them regularly is all they really want, but I still wish I could buy them a retirement castle or something just as grand.

YouTube star Adam Saleh made a pretty big dent in his parental debt with a surprise gift. Adam’s 65-year-old dad had recently been in a car accident. Although he came out of the accident without any injuries, his car was totaled and insurance payments weren’t covering the cost of a new one. He started driving his old car, which had no air conditioning or heat, broke down regularly, and was as old as Adam. It just broke Adam’s heart to see.

Adam decided to save up and buy his dad a brand-new car, just like the loving wife who left her husband in awe when she did the same for him.

He took his dad along car shopping, but under the guise that they were looking for a car for Adam. Instead, after getting his dad’s input, Adam bought him a brand-new car. He spared no expense, either.

The car Adam bought his dad has leather interior, three rows of seats (for the grandkids, of course), a sunroof, and a backup camera. And yes — unlike the last car, it also has air conditioning and heat.

What an awesome surprise for a parent to receive. You have to see the look on his dad’s face when Adam tells him the car is for him.

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